Tile Cleaning Crosby, TX

If the tiles in your property need professional cleaning, you have come to the right place. Tiles get dirty with time, especially tile walls in your bathroom, and kitchen.

Best Tile & Grout Cleaning In Crosby, TX

Your tile may look clean but when you look closely you will see how much dirt it has accumulated. You can waste all your day scrubbing the tile surface yet you will not get as good results as hiring a professional to do the service for you. Our company has been cleaning tiles for commercial and residential properties for years now. Crosby Carpet Cleaning has cleaning agents and equipment to remove the stubborn accumulation on your tile.

Grout Cleaning Crosby, TX

Grouts are the spaces between  the tile blocks, these porous joints tend to accumulate more dirt than the surface. Moreover while vacuuming or mopping the floor you unconsciously slide dirt into these cravens. The dirt stays there and accumulated until one day you realise how dirty your grouts have become. Cleaning the grout with a small brush may clean the area but it will take a very long time, maybe even the whole day. Why torture your back trying to clean the grouts when you can hire professionals to do the work for you. Your family will have to wait the whole day to use the bathroom or kitchen if you are going at the grout with a tiny brush. Of course you don’t want to see dirty tiles but cleaning it yourself can turn out to be madness.

Soap Scum On Tile

Soap scum is the thin layer of soap that accumulates on your bathroom tile over time. Removing this can be quite the pain especially if you have a big shower stall. We have a solution that will remove the soap scum without damaging the tile surface. The non toxic and quick method will leave your tile looking brand new without any traces of soap scum. We will bring in proper equipment to remove the soap scum you can start to see the actual tile color and feel better about your bathroom.

Slippery Tiles

If you notice your tile has become more slippery than normal, it is probably due to algae formation on the surface. Walking on such a tile can be quite dangerous. We will provide cleaning techniques that take care of the issue and give you tiles that are as good as new.

Power Washing

We provide power washing services for your tile. If the tiles in your property are slippery, have dirty mold, and soap scump the power washing after applying the right cleaning agent can improve the quality of your tiles. We have the power washers can have changing power depending on the type of tile and how dirty it is. Power washing will complete the work quickly and give you clean looking tiles.


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