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We are a professional carpet cleaning company in Crosby, Texas. Our company cleans all kinds of carpets such as loop pile carpets, cut pile carpets, nylon, polyester, acrylic, Olefin carpets, etc. No matter the kind of carpet you have in your home or commercial property our team can clean it effectively.

Clean Carpets For Healthy Living

Clean carpets improve the quality of air in your house. If you have kids, elderly or vulnerable people in your house, getting carpet cleaning services can prevent diseases. Carpet Cleaning Crosby Tx provides thorough carpet cleaning with sanitisation. You will be able to breathe freely when you have clean carpets in your property. Vacuuming your carpet at home only removes the mess on top of the carpet, the small dust particle which is a greater cause of allergies still remains in the carpet. Our cleaning methods include agitating the carpet fabric, using a dry cleaning agent and removing the dirt. This method is far more effective in removing dirt particles than normal vacuuming.

Cleaning Carpets

Best Carpet Cleaning Crosby, TX

Carpet Cleaners Crosby TX is considered among the best carpet cleaning companies in Crosby TX. We have cleaned carpets from small and big households, small and big business properties. No matter how much foot traffic the carpet had, we can clean the carpet effectively. We use equipment that keeps your carpet safe while cleaning. Our team removes stains on your carpet from things such as food particles, drinks, pet urine stains, dirt accumulation over the years, etc. We will individually take care of all the stains before working on the whole carpet. If you had a party in your house and ended up having an accident on your carpet, call our experts to get your carpets cleaned on time. No need to sleep with a dirty carpet day after day when you can simply call the professional to clean it for you. Once we are done cleaning you will visually see the improvement in your carpet.

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Carpet Cleaning Near Me

We are your local carpet cleaners in Crosby, TX. We are reliable carpet cleaners that have built a good reputation for being honest and providing quality service to the people of Crosby TX. For more than 30 years we have been cleaning carpets and we know how to remove stubborn stains from it. No matter what your carpet cleaning needs are, we can solve it for you. Our dedicated team cleans carpets with ease. We make use of various methods to clean your carpet whatever is best suited for your carpet. If you are a business of a homeowner in Crosby TX that is looking for effective carpet cleaning techniques that stays clean for a long time, we are the people for you. Carpet Cleaning Crosby is loved by the people of Crosby and highly recommended. Give us a call when you need carpet cleaning at affordable prices.

Apartment Carpet Cleaning Services Crosby, TX

If you live in an apartment and want carpet cleaning, let us know. We are experts at carpet cleaning for small and big apartments. Whether you live alone or with family, no matter how much foot traffic you have, and how many pets you have, or kids in your apartment, dirty carpets are always a nuisance. That is why Carpet Cleaners Crosby is here to provide the best quality carpet cleaning service for you. We use modern cleaning techniques that are eco-friendly and don’t leave the smell of detergent cleaners behind. You can stay healthy when you clean your carpets with non-toxic eco friendly cleaning methods. No matter how dirty your apartment carpets have become in Crosby TX, we will clean it. We are proud of effective cleaning techniques that are evolving with time and giving our customers new looking carpets in their apartment.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Crosby, TX

If you want good quality carpet cleaning services today from you local carpet cleaners, give us a call. We are commercial carpet cleaners that cleans carpets in offices, law firms, schools, churches, retail stores, hotels, etc. We have heavy duty carpet cleaning machines. If you carpet hasn’t been cleaned in a long time and has a lot of dirt accumulation, there is nothing to fear, we will clean your carpets. We are professional carpet cleaners, we know how to clean the carpets to remove the accumulated dirt and leave it looking brand and smelling fresh. You will improve the indoor air quality of your commercial building which is good for your employees as well as customers.

Why Choose Us ?

We are a reliable carpet cleaning company that works for 100% customers satisfaction.


We complete our tasks quickly without compromising on the quality of work.

We use modern, eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods.


We are licensed and certified. We are insured and bonded. We will come on time without fail.

Our competitive pricing makes us one of the most sought after carpet cleaning companies in Crosby.

Our customers love the kind of service we provide and our customer service.

About Crosby, TX

The place of Crosby is in Harris County, Texas, USA. According to the 2010 census, the population was 2 299. The total area of the property is 2.3 sq mi. Some common places to visit in Crosby, TX are Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach, Dwight D. Eisenhower Park, Buckhorn Lake, etc. The Harris County Emergency Services District #80 sponsored Crosby volunteer fire department was founded in 1942. Students from Crosby go to school in the independent district of Crosby School.

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We are here to help you get the best of carpet cleaning. When you want a trustworthy and reliable carpet cleaning that provides affordable services at your home, you can call us. We are available to provide carpet cleaning all days of the week. We will provide a free estimate for your carpet cleaning without any obligation. Give us a call today to fix an appointment.

Review Star

Our carpets were 23 years old and had only been cleaned by us over those years and they were looking very drab. In just a couple of hours they had cleaned the living, sitting area, dining room and the halls and they look just as good as the days we had the carpets installed. Couldn’t believe our eyes. We recommend these guys highly.

– Jimmy

Review Star

No complaints here!
I’ve used their services for a couple of years now and they never disappoint!
Always professional, super knowledgeable, and efficient. I recommend them to everyone I know!

– Jason


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