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Welcome to Crosby Carpet Cleaning, We are the best Carpet Cleaning Company in the Crosby, Texas area, hands down. Our top of the line customer service, uniformed staff, and equipment make us the best cleaners in the area. There are lots of companies to choose from, but none of them provide the quality that Crosby Carpet Cleaning does.Crosby Carpet Cleaning is a Veteran Owned and Employee Ran Company. The products that we use in your carpet are allergen free and kid and pet friendly. When it comes to cleaning carpet there are lots of things a homeowner or business owner must know. When cleaning carpet it should only be cleaned with the steam cleaning method. The steam cleaning method cleans all of the carpet very thoroughly and will clean deep into the carpet and the backing of the carpet as well. There are many different types of carpet from Nylon to Berber so it is very important that the cleaning process is done by a professional, IICRC certified firm, which we are. Do not waste your time hiring a company that does not perform a steam cleaning method and a company that does not use Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment.

It is very important to use Truck mounted Steam Cleaning Equipment. This type of equipment will allow the Cleaning Technician to properly deep steam clean and extract all of the dirt and dirty water that resides in your carpet. These machines are very expensive so there are a lot of fly by night cleaners and companies that do not use them. We have a Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Machines in every one of our vans to provide the high quality cleaning possible. These machines produce steam higher than 200 degrees. Not only do we provide such a high quality, steam operated cleaning but we all use an All Fiber rinse on your carpet during the cleaning process. Well you ask, what is an All Fiber Rinse? An All Fiber rinse allows your carpet to not feel stiff after the cleaning, but to be very soft for your family. Many Carpet Cleaning Companies do not provide this service, well Carpet Cleaning in Crosby does. We want your carpets to be at the highest comfort as possible for you and your family to enjoy. When it comes to Carpet Cleaning Crosby, do not settle for less, instead, hire the best.

About Us

• Crosby Carpet Cleaning services the entire Crosby, Texas area and Surrounding Cities
• We are honored to be your professional carpet cleaning company in Texas.
• We provide both residential & commercial carpet cleaning services
• We provide a high quality of cleaning services at a very affordable price.
• Our mission is not only to make sure that our customers are satisfied, but truly happy with our services.
• Providing you with the professional customer service and carpet care that you have ever experienced is our top priority.
• Everything we do is intentionally to make your experience with our company a comfortable, pleasant and memorable one, for all the right reasons.

As we worked to build our reputation, we know that residential owners had more household issues other than just dirty carpet, so we hope we’d lend a helping hand to our customers. Moreover to carpet cleaning, we also offer:

• Area Rug Cleaning
• Pet Stain and Odor Removal
• Upholstery Cleaning
• Red Stain Removal
• Water Extraction
• Fabric and Fiber Protection
• Tile Cleaning
• Air Duct Cleaning
• Pressure Washing
• Driveway Cleaning

Serving both homeowners and businesses, Crosby carpet cleaners works fast and leave your carpet as clean and dry as possible so you can enjoy your home again. Don not let the value of carpet cleaning in Humble deter you from regaining the pristine look of fresh carpet that everyone loves. Get started now for the very best carpet cleaning in Humble with modern, environmentally friendly solutions for any job!

What makes us better than the competition?

• We are Veteran Owned
• We are local in Crosby, Texas
• We use Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment
• We are IICRC Certified
• We have a physical office location
• Uniformed Employees
• Vans are professionally wrapped
• We have been in business for over 10 years and counting
• Don’t Settle For Less!

We are wholeheartedly devoted to our customer’s satisfaction. Indeed, our business principle is centered on a high quality service and customer satisfaction. We recognize that satisfied customers are the backbone that supports every successful business. We treat every customer like they were a part of our family. By providing professional, quality service, we always express our appreciation, gratitude and respect. Carpet Cleaning Crosby Texas’ customer’s satisfactions guarantee guides all of our work. We are definitely not satisfied until our customers are.

Our goal is for you and your family to be in a clean, healthy, and sanitized environment. We thank you for choosing Crosby Texas Carpet Cleaning for all your floor care needs…and remember; it’s all about CLEANLINESS!

When your carpets and floor tiles needs cleaning, call us for a free estimate and affordable prices! Carpets last longer when they are cleaned on a regular basis.


What Does “Steam Cleaning” actually mean?

Steam cleaning is suitable for most carpets and is the most common method used by professional Crosby Carpet Cleaners. It’s completed with a portable machine which can also be truck mounted if it’s a larger model. Many carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning as the preferred method of carpet cleaning. The steam cleaning method rids the carpets of deep embedded stains and prolongs the life of the carpet. There is a four step process involved in steam cleaning carpets:

  1. The carpet is vacuumed to pick up as much dirt and dust as possible before the deep clean.
  2. A chemical solution is sprayed onto the carpet and is left for a while to sink in and target tough stains.
  3. Water is sprayed into the carpet with a high-pressure jet hose.
  4. The hot water is vacuumed out of the carpets with a powerful vacuum.

Importance of cleaning your Carpet

The quality and condition of your carpets will have a major impact on the appeal of your home. Additionally, properly maintained carpets can also protect you and your loved ones from the dangers of poor indoor air quality. To get the most out of your carpet cleaning, you should be sure to schedule services with Crosby Carpet Cleaning. There are several reasons why professional carpet cleaning is an essential part of any home care routine. For example, a deep cleaning service from a professional carpet cleaner will remove dust, dander, and other allergens from the surface of your carpets. In addition, with routine service from a professional carpet cleaner, you can help your carpets to last for a lifetime. Finally, many carpet cleaning companies will only honor their warranties if the homeowner has scheduled professional cleanings on an annual basis. With the help of carpet cleaners near you, you can keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh and new.


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